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Web design Neutral Bay

If you want to build a new website and your business is based in or around Neutral Bay, then you need a local web designer and one with the knowledge and expertise to make sure your website stands out among hundreds of other sites in the same industry. If you want your website to have a striking presence, you need a web design expert. We are creative and possess the technical ability to make your website look beautiful while using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies and standards.

The benefit of our web design service is that we understand customer behaviour and design the website accordingly. Visitors are an impatient lot and will never wait for too long for a web page to load. Also, if they find your website complicated to navigate, they will click off immediately. You know this is true because you do it yourself. There are millions of websites out there so if yours in poorly designed or irritating to use why would users want to stick to yours? Your website must deliver something outstanding to capture your visitor's interest and keep it.

Not all web designers are created equal

Neutral Bay web design

All web designers and web companies are different and this is fairly obvious when you have worked in the industry for as long as I have. There are many dodgy companies out there with flash salesmen who could sell a fridge to an Eskimo. They promise the earth and deliver a lot less. That is where we are different. We have the experience and professionalism that you need to get the job done right, first time, on time and on budget. We are the only company you need to talk to, to achieve a stylish and effective presence on the Internet. We serve the web design needs of a variety of industries, and even in a short time, we have built up a solid client-base of Neutral Bay businesses, restaurants, bars, and industry professionals.

We love the Neutral Bay area and thought what better place to have our office for our web design agency. We have found Neutral Bay a great place to do business as well as being a good place to enjoy a balanced home life.

But anyone can design a website right?

Wrong! In some cases a good website may seem like an unnecessary expense to a business so they might find an employee or friend to build it for them. This is a big mistake as a carefully considered and well designed website is the best marketing and advertising tool your business will ever have, guaranteed. Often, businesses wrongly assume they can design their company website with Microsoft FrontPage and a book or because "Dave in accounts did a course last year"; Time after time I have seen businesses waste time and money doing this and eventually come to me anyway. On the flip side some companies have the experience to produce a reasonable website, but even if you do have that ability, you should still seek advice from a qualified professional. For example, I am pretty good at DIY but I still would not consider plastering my lounge. Some things need to be done properly. In the end, the site must be consistent with your other marketing and your brand. When a customer takes a brochure and looks to your site for more information, it must give them the same feeling and expectation as the brochure and your sales staffs does.

So what is web design?

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Web design deals with all aspects of how your website looks and how it presents the information to the user. Sometimes this is referred to as Front End Design or UI and UX design (User Interface and User Experience). Web design is a fine art, from choosing the correct domain name and hosting to the menu navigation and layout of information. Agenda has 12+ years of professional experience designing websites, menus, icons, buttons etc and we always try to focus on improving user interaction, appearance, and consistency. Good web design is key to attracting and retaining customers. Statistics show users only spend 5-7 seconds on a page unless something catches their interest. You need to make sure your website delivers the information to the user in an efficient and engaging way. When you website is site is built, you will have complete control over it, enabling you to make changes either with my help or on your own. I offer a retainer service to make website changes on your behalf, or you can take advantage of my training sessions so that you can do them in house. Furthermore, all my websites include a Google site map and are submitted to Google on the day they go live so they can be found on the search engines. This is something amateur web designers often overlook or do not know how to do. You can have the best website in the world but if you don't submit it properly it will not be indexed and no one will ever find it.

Web design is very important as first impressions are everything. If you wow your customers at the first glance then there is a greater chance of them buying from you. Web design is an essential part in building trust with your customers. It comprises aesthetic conception, user experience analysis, conversion optimization and much more.

Really successful web design is best left to an expert. A DIY approach may seem necessary like a good idea to keep cost down, but in fact it will probably cost you more money in the long run through lost business especially in the early stages of the company. Your website is the first and last chance many of your potential clients have to get to know your company and brand so presenting a DIY website may make them look elsewhere.

What is the difference between web design and web development?

In a nutshell, web design is with how your site can be interacted with and how it looks. Web development deals with the code that runs in the background and how we can modify that code to perform cleaver and dynamic tasks. That code is then output to the user interface or web design to be interpreted by your browser and interacted with. For more information on web development please read my guide to web development in Neutral Bay.

So what's next?

Get in touch! Give us a call or send an email and we can discuss your requirements, arrange a meeting if necessary and take it from there. We always provide detailed written quotes so you know exactly what it will cost and how long it will take to build your website.

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